Approach Technology has a vested interest in the success of our clients. Our clients work on such a large scale that they simply can’t afford any IT issues. Now that they work with Approach Technology, they no longer have to

“ACCESS – THIS DESCRIBES OUR BUSINESS RATIONALE FOR MOVING TO A CLOUD BASED STRATEGY – but access has a lot to do with our relationship with Eric at Approach Technology as well. He’s responsive, always available, an expert in his field and great when it comes to communicating with our team. He looks for ways to enhance […]

“SCALE – After an unexpected server crash, we needed peace of mind, along with a fast recovery; Approach Technology provided it with our move to the cloud. WE’RE A COMPANY THAT’S LOOKING TOWARDS THE FUTURE AND SO IS APPROACH TECHNOLOGY, even though we’re continually growing and adopting new technology, this relationship allows us to easily manage change and keeps […]

“COST – APPROACH TECHNOLOGY GAVE US THE OPPORTUNITY TO IMPROVE OUR INFRASTRUCTURE AND INCREASE OUR BANDWIDTH, ALL WITHOUT SENDING CAPITAL SPENDING THROUGH THE ROOF.  Eric offered us a hosted solution, which improved performance uniformly throughout the company – from the main office to the field office. Our business increasingly caters to a young, tech savvy customer, and […]