Approach Technology offers an advanced cloud-based computing platform, customized from a broad array of online products and services, and delivered via subscription. What does that look like for our clients?

  • A Custom Cloud designed around the requirements of your business.
  • Reduced Risk for your business and a substantial increase in Employee Productivity.
  • Large decreases in IT Costs further empower your business to Scale.
  • CAD and 3D modeling delivered through the cloud. Yes, really.


2009, Eric Carter recognized that a lot of CEOs were losing sleep. It’s hard to rest easy when your business success is dependent on streamlined IT performance and the technology is changing daily. After years working with AEC Industry Leaders, Eric looked at the market and said, “Why can’t IT provide a better solution to business?”. He wanted to provide a solution that is more robust, flexible, reliable and scale-able? That is what he set out to build – the best possible IT solution available while maintaining the best cost efficiency for his clients.


1. Assess Your Environment

An introduction to the cloud starts with us understanding your environment, your organization and business process, and how your employees work.

2. Custom Engineer Solution

Once we understand your environment we can define a solution that can be tuned to ensure cost, scaling and access issues are appropriately addressed.

3. Testing and Refining

Your company tests our solution in a fully featured demo environment. We use your feedback and insights to optimize your custom private cloud.

4. Go Live

Your company goes live with a custom-engineered, enterprise-class IT system that quickly scales with your business. By turning your infrastructure into a competitive advantage, your company is empowered to grow and succeed.

5. Ongoing Support

Rest easy while your technology runs smoothly. Our expert team provides ongoing technical support via HelpDesk.