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Approach Technology - Cloud Operations Tour

Approach Technology Custom Private Cloud Seattle Office and Data Center Tour


Welcome to our office and cloud data center tour in Seattle, Washington! As you see in the photo below we are located in Seattle, the cloud computing capital of the world. We would love to hear from you so let us know if you have an idea for a video or blog posts by filling out our feedback form here.

Approach Office Tour

Approach Technology Custom Private Cloud Seattle Data Center

Approach Technology hosts custom private clouds at our premium data center in Seattle. Our system offers high-density power and high efficiency cooling with advanced security and protection features ensure your data is secure 100% of the time.

Eric Carter Private Cloud Data Center

High Performance, Speed SSD Storage

Headquartered in the center of Seattle, Approach Technology offers its clients the state of the art convenience and security of the KOMO Plaza Data Center. KOMO Plaza’s 24 x 7 resources provide a business’s critical assets the best chance to survive and thrive in today’s uncertain environment. This ultra high speed infrastructure changes the game for construction and architecture firms who want to “Run CAD in the Cloud”.

Approach Technology - SSD High Speed

Resiliency & Redundancy

More than just an N+1, our infrastructure is designed for concurrent maintainability of generator, UPS and cooling modules to maximize the uptime of your environment.

Approach Technology - Eric Carter, Private Cloud

Total Control of Office and Remote Job Site Bandwidth

Today’s users are mobile and visual. They are internal workers and external partners and customers in the office or on the jobsite. Regardless of location our bandwidth management solutions deliver a consistent high-quality network experience to connected users. This increases end user productivity, satisfaction on the job site, and flexibility for your entire organization and partners.


Move Data at the Speed of Thought

Job sites require fast access to all of your emails, CAD drawings, photos, videos and tele-communications. Our motto is to “Remove the Pig in the Python” by pushing pixels instead of massive files using a custom private cloud. Host all of your desktops, applications, email and backups in your own custom private cloud.


High Speed Infrastructure for mobile devices on the job site

In our networked business world, rapid, reliable access to your construction and architecture data  is mandatory. We help you setup and control high throughput  bandwidth on the jobsite. This enables you to have rapid deployment of your team using today’s mobile device and tablets.

Approach Technology Jobsite

Visit us for your Private Cloud Assessment and  Whiteboard Session

We schedule personalized and private whiteboard sessions to visualize your business IT infrastructure. Then we let you test drive a real working private cloud to experience what a custom private cloud is like using in a real-world office environment.

Eric Carter White Board Session - Custom Private Clouds Seattle

Thanks for watching our video and enjoying the tour of Approach Technology Custom Private Cloud facilities in Seattle.

Feel free to take our Private Cloud Assessment and contact us if you have any questions?

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