Eric Carter Speaks at WSCPA NW Construction Conference


Approach Technology’s Eric Carter at Washington Society of Certified Public Accountant’s – Pacific NW Construction Industry Conference

Eric Carter and Approach Technology was invited to present his story about how to build custom private clouds at the Pacific Northwest Construction Industry Conference. This event covers recent trends and provide essential guidance on hot topics affecting construction accounting and financial management. Event guests are invited to take our custom private cloud assessment (5-min to complete) to gain insights how to improve your IT model.

Eric Carter held and engaging conversation about the Emerging Models of IT Operations for the Construction Industry

Eric Carter Approach Technologies

  • Eric Carter, CEO Approach Technology – Founded in 2008
  • 17+ Years of Enterprise IT Experience
  • 9 + Years of Construction IT Experience
  • Chief Architect of the ATI Private Cloud Network
  • Have led 20+ organizations in their transition to custom private clouds.
  • Find Me on LinkedIn – “Eric Carter”

Emerging Models of IT Operations for the Construction Industry. Why Should You Care?


  • Disruptive technologies (PC Revolution, Internet, Cloud)
  • Broad adoption by hardware, software, and service providers
  • Has potential to reduce cost and improve operations
  • Proven Model For Construction
  • Technology will be a driver and differentiator in the construction industry going forward
  • Already witnessing increased technology requirements manifested in things such as BIM requirements, Site Photography, File Sharing, Integrated Project Management and Project Collaboration and BYOD.

Take a look at Construction IT Spending as % of Revenue

Private Clouds - CFMA Bellevue October 2014 v2.007

2012 Gartner Report Concluded That:

  • The construction industry is dead last in IT spending compared to 14 other industries measured by Gartner.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of U.S. productivity growth comes from IT.
  • Further, Gartner reports that 30% of net income is affected by IT economies of scale, so technologies optimized across the workforce may also improve profitability.
  • Under spending increases operational risk and, over a long enough period, puts firms at competitive disadvantage.

Why has Construction been a Slow Adopter for Technology?

Approach Technology pig-in-python

  • Industry Wide Dissatisfaction with IT – 50% of IT Projects Fail (Don’t meet requirements, timeline, or budget)
  • Not early adopters typically.  Want to see proven model.
  • 3D Modeling\CAD requirements
  • Subcontractor Requirements\Lowest Common Denominator
  • Requires Multiple Proficiencies – Identify opportunity\benefits.  Develop Expertise, Execute Transition
  • For IT Managers – Huge Risk…Where is the reward?
  • Early experiments with Hybrid or Public Cloud has yielded mixed results

Public\Hybrid Clouds: Is this a viable model?


  • Commoditization of IT – (Ex. cheapest form of storage.  Not fastest or most reliable).
  • Loss of control to service provider + multiple service providers.   
  • Piecemeal approach rather than holistic strategy.
  • Failure to capture efficiencies.
  • Failure to simplify IT.
  • One foot in both worlds often leads to the worst of two worlds instead of the best overall outcome. 

Contrast with ATI Private Cloud Strategy: Work from Anywhere Mobility, CAD in the Cloud and BIM Modeling are driving Custom Private Cloud IT Models

Approach Technology - Custom Private Cloud Model by Eric Carter

  • Holistic 50,000ft view that recognized that the user experience is a function of Internet quality, infrastructure quality, engineering, execution, and customer service.
  • Our strategies include WAN (Circuit Delivery)
  • Local Infrastructure – Firewall and Switching so that we can manage traffic from Desktop to Data Center.
  • IaaS – Hosted servers and application platforms.
  • DaaS – Hosted Desktops for enhanced user performance and application delivery.
  • VoIP – Voice Services that integrate nicely with hosted Desktops.
  • SaaS – Scalable Microsoft, Citrix, and AV licensing.
  • IT Project Management and Helpdesk – Transforming IT from Reactive to Reliable. 
  • Take our custom private cloud assessment for free to find a path to transform your IT.

Watch our DEMO on CAD in the Cloud with Eric Carter, CEO, Approach Technology


Approach Technology Jobsite

  • Working with huge construction architecture CAD files takes expensive hardware and huge amounts of bandwidth to work from the office or remotely on a job site or at home.
  • Approach Technology in this video shows you how construction, architecture types of businesses can run CAD in the cloud.

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