New! Approach Technology Cloud Education Videos

Eric Carter, Approach Technology TV

Welcome to the launch of Approach Technology TV hosted by Eric Carter, CEO, Approach Technology.

The goal for Approach Technology TV is to provide our customers and audience with educational videos covering the benefits of custom private clouds.

Videos are produced at Approach Technology Studios at our Seattle offices.

We have an innovative studio to create “whiteboard session” educational videos complete with a 70″ Monodpad Touch screen computer and can mix in video from mobile devices and tablets to create private cloud educational content. This content studio capability enables us to highlight custom cloud solutions for your business with detailed demo videos to provide you with real-world examples.

Approach Technology TV - Custom Private Clouds

Meet “Peter the Python” and his friend the Pig.

Peter the Python is our own custom animated character creation. He represents old thinking, out dated technology and how old corporate data models create a “Pig in the Python” effect where files/data move slowly and choke the bandwidth and bring down the rest of the organization.

Custom Private Clouds - Peter the Python

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