Approach Technology Deploys Schemata Workshop’s State-of-the-Art Cloud to Scale

Join Eric Carter, CEO of Approach Technology, as we explore “Innovations in Architecture” through conversations with the most influential in architecture, construction and engineering firms and technology. CHALLENGE To keep up with Seattle’s exploding architecture and construction market Schemata Workshop had faced problems with their old in-house server model. New architecture CAD models were growing exponential in complexity and size. … Read More

Video testimonial from Barrett Parks, VP of Penser North America.

Approach Technology

Approach Technology is fortunate to serve great clients like Penser North America for almost 10 years now.  Hear from Barrett Parks, VP of PenserNA, on how Approach Technology’s custom private cloud has enhanced their operations and allowed the organization to grow seamlessly and work off, “the same sheet of music”.  Thank you Barrett Parks and Penser North America for allowing us … Read More

Invitation to Tacoma Custom Private Cloud Lunch2Learn Event

Please join Approach Technology for our Tacoma Custom Private Cloud Lunch2Learn event to keep abreast of the latest technology advances in IT operations and network with your Tacoma peers. Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2016 Location: Complementary Artisan Bistro food at the Arthouse Café in Tacoma Address:  111 North Tacoma Avenue, Tacoma WA 98403 Time: 11:30pm-2:00pm Parking: Local street parking is available We are excited … Read More

How to Run CAD on a Custom Private Cloud

Intro to private cloud

Have you ever wondered how to run Construction and Architecture CAD in the Cloud? Working with huge construction architecture CAD files takes expensive hardware and huge amounts of bandwidth to work from the office or remotely on a job site or at home. Approach Technology in this video shows you how construction, architecture types of businesses can run CAD in the … Read More