Event report – Approach Technology April 2016 Custom Private Cloud Lunch2Learn Event

April 2016 Lunch2Learn

We want to thank all of our guests who attended the Approach Technology Custom Private Cloud, April Lunch2Learn event at Daniel’s Broiler.

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To follow up from the event we have posted photos and comments below. If you missed the event we are happy to set up a Custom Private Cloud Demo & Assessment and answer any questions you have?

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“The goal at Approach Technology is to unlock the individual’s ability to work at the speed of thought.  Unlocking the potential of each employee is the best way to service our clients and return value to them.  Work fast, from anywhere, on any device.  That’s the promise of the custom private cloud.” – Eric, Carter, CEO, Approach Technology

With technology you are either paddling upstream or you’re being washed down river.  There is no holding still.  You either have a vision and are working towards it, or you are watching someone else’s vision slowly disintegrate in front of you.

Going to the cloud is not a strategy in and of itself.  You can spread your IT operations across six different cloud providers, but that’s not a strategy.  That’s the absence of a strategy.  When you partner with us on a custom private cloud we first develop a compelling strategy and we work tactically to get there.  With a custom private cloud there is enhanced performance, increased reliability, but more importantly, there’s accountability.  It is my team and I that are being accountable to you.  Try getting that with your IT spread across any number of different cloud providers.

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The technology landscape has shifted because of virtualization and graphic acceleration allowing an entirely new way to run CAD as a mobile application. Furthermore, we have mastered how to leverage enhanced graphics acceleration to be virtualized . This is driving the price of CAD in the Cloud and maintenance down to the end user.

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“Thanks for the invite to the lunch and learn.  It was great seeing Eric’s presentation on your approach to AEC IT infrastructure.  I am excited to work with you moving forward and bringing this new model to the construction community and helping people work more efficiently”. Phillip Eppright,  IT Solutions Advisor, Atlasits

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“CAD and BIM is now available as a “mobile” application across devices. This is a huge inflection point and our integrated system helps companies create a truly mobile workforce that is not shackled to the office.”  – Greg Hindman, VP, Approach Technology

Approach Technology - Custom Private Cloud Lunch2Learn - Architecture, Construction, Engineering

“I attended the Approach Technology lunch2learn looking for a solution for my customer and found much more. Not only could I meet their needs for security and for a great price, I could also show them how their workforce would benefit.” – Matt Lopez, Fusion Storm

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“I enjoyed the event and how Approach Technology integrates our cloud based communications platform to provide a totally flexible and mobile communications system on top of their custom priate clouds. This results in a holistic IT system with compound benefits such as answering calls on any device.” – Loren Gallegos, Vonage

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Thank you again to our guests and partners who helped us create a great event. If you missed the event we are happy to set up a Custom Private Cloud Demo & Assessment and answer any questions you have?

Best, Approach Technology Team

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  1. This is a true game changer. We are giving the end user/employee a true choice as to where they can work from and what device they use. I’ve always believed that a happy employee is a long lasting productive one. Very nice presentation from our CEO Eric Carter!

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