How and Why To Do CAD\BIM From The Cloud

Have you ever wondered how to run Construction and Architecture CAD in the Cloud?

Working with huge construction architecture CAD files takes expensive hardware and huge amounts of bandwidth to work from the office or remotely on a job site or at home. Approach Technology in this video shows you how construction, architecture types of businesses can run CAD in the cloud.


Large files can create a “Pig in the Python” Effect, tying up the internet pipes with massive CAD files.

At 2:05 in the video Eric Carter covers the “Pig in a Python” Effect. This effect happens with massive construction / architecture CAD files are transported  over computer networks in the old IT Model. In the old IT model, files are moved from the corporate servers to expensive laptops in the field or at home. Moving these entire huge construction CAD files wastes bandwidth and slows down entire corporate networks. This is what we call the “Pig in the Python Effect” that slows down an organization’s IT and team’s computers, making it impossible to scale a business or have an IT architecture that enables on construction site BIM Modeling.


Push pixels instead of files by using the Approach Technology cloud model for CAD and other data intensive programs.

As you see in the Approach Technology Custom Private Cloud video, we centralize user desktops in an outsourced custom private cloud model. Then we use Citrix Technology to just push the pixels for the CAD files to the user’s desktops, tablets or mobile devices. This approach frees up bandwidth and eliminates the “Pig in a Python” effect. In addition we provide a solution to monitor and provision bandwidth, with prioritization for the most important data such as CAD files. We then limit low-priority traffic packets to eliminate the “Ping in the Python Effect”.

Push Pixels Custom Private Cloud

Enjoy Mobile Freedom and collaborate with Clash Reports on location at the “speed of thought” on iPads, Tablets, Surfaces and mobile devices.

By moving pixels and not large CAD files we are able to view and interact with massive CAD files with your favorite mobile devices. This mobile freedom enables you and your workforce to work from the home office and collaborate on location using laptops, tablets and mobile phones. This model allows you to scale up and add new workers with a flexible, cost effective IT solution.

Ipad BIM Modeling, Cloud Computing, Approach Technology

Resolve construction problems faster in pre-construction phases to save time and money.

Custom private clouds enable you to collaborate and view your data quickly to solve problems at the point-of-decision. This collaborative freedom speeds up the pre-construction phase and enhances critical. data-driven decision making.

CAD in the Cloud

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