From a fully implemented Virtual Desktop Infrastructure to a Custom Cloud Solution, Approach Technology can get you into the cloud. Seamless and Easy.

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Our primary service. We give all your users dedicated Virtual Desktops, secure corporate file sharing, Office 365 applications and email and the flexibility to add any other applications your users would like to use.  All of this is accessible from virtually any device and paid for on a subscription basis. Give your employees and your company the flexibility to grow.  With our solution, you allow your employees the freedom to work from anywhere at any time on any device.

When you work with Approach Technology, we will make your Virtual Desktop migration seamless and easy.

  • Flexibility – You are no longer chained to your desktop at work.  You can work whenever and where ever you like.  Your virtual desktop is available on your home computer, laptop, phone or tablet.
  • Cost-efficient – Stop wasting money on high-end computers and servers, which you need to replace every few years.  All of your data is kept securely in the cloud, and you can access your virtual desktop from much cheaper desktop computers as all of the processing is done in the cloud and not on your actual computer.
  • Pay as You Go – You don’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for new high-end desktops.  You pay for your virtual desktops on a monthly basis and only pay for the time that you are using it.  When you shut it down at the end of the day, or over the weekend, you do not pay for the time that it is off.
  • Disaster Recovery Built-in – All of your data is stored securely and safely in the cloud.  If your office desktop experiences a severe crash, or your office has a sudden power outage, nothing will happen to your data.  Your data is backed up and replicated to other cloud locations across the U.S. in the event of a major disaster.  No matter what, your data is protected.
  • Higher Security – All of your virtual desktops and data are stored in Amazon Web Services’ highly secure and redundant data centers all across the United States.  Your virtual desktops and data can only be accessed via an encrypted connection using your individual user login credentials.  If your office experiences a robbery and desktops and hardware are stolen, you can at least be assured that no sensitive company data was compromised.
  • More Power for Less – Do you run powerful applications like Autodesk REVIT or Autocad, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere?  All of these application require very powerful and expensive desktops to run efficiently.  We can run these application in the cloud on very powerful virtual desktops that you only pay for when they are running, that you can access from any inexpensive desktop.  You can also access this powerful virtual desktop form a tablet or phone.
  • Application Support – Your virtual desktops are running Windows 10, so you can have any application installed on your cloud desktop that you could run on your local computer.
  • Future Proof – You don’t need to keep buying expensive desktops every few years.  When new computer processors and hardware are release, we can move your virtual desktops into the newer technology but you can still access them from the same computers that you have been using.  Get more years out of the computers in your office, keep up with current technology and save tons of money in the process.


Have you been thinking about buying hardware for that new project or maybe for company expansion?  About to spend 10's of thousands of dollars on servers that will already have lost significant value before you even get them delivered?  Have you also realized that in about 3 years those state-of-the-art servers will be worthless dinosaurs?

Approach Technology can build that new project for you in the cloud, much faster and cheaper than you could do it by buying expensive hardware.  We can also extend your current networking environment into the cloud to give you unlimited resources and flexibility far beyond what any hardware purchase could do.

We have AWS Certified engineers who are experts in cloud computing with many years of experience and success.  We have created many custom cloud solutions for our very satisfied clients and can do the same for you.

Call us today to speak to us about your new project and how we can build it in the cloud.  Your consultation is absolutely FREE.

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Do you have servers in a tiny closet in your office?  Having trouble accessing your systems when you are at home or on the road?  Are you worried that your server will fail and you will lose all of your data?  How about that backup drive?  Are you hoping that it will just last forever?  These are just a few of the problems you face with housing and maintaining physical servers in your office.

If you are not in the cloud yet, you are already behind the curve, wasting money and every day at risk of losing critical company data.  There are many significant benefits to moving to the cloud.  Approach Technology can seamlessly and easily get you into the cloud so you can take advantage of the many benefits of cloud technology.  Don't be left behind!

Cost Savings – When you buy servers, you either need to plan for expansion and pay for extra capacity that you most likely will not use until years in the future, or you buy what you need at the moment and when you need more capacity you quickly scramble to buy more servers and integrate them into your current environment which takes a lot of time and money to do.  Also, these state-of-the-art servers you just paid many thousands of dollars for will be completely obsolete in 3 YEARS!  You will need to start to the process to migrate off of your old, obsolete servers into new servers that you again paid many thousands of dollars for.  More time and money spent just to stay current.

In the cloud, there are no huge up-front costs.  You only pay for what you us on a month-to-month basis.  If you need more capacity in the future, it is very easy and quick to expand your resources.  When technology advances, it is a quick and simple process to move your workloads from the older technology to the new.  No more wasted time and money on complex processes to move your systems to different hardware every few years.

Flexibility – In the cloud, it is very easy to scale up and scale down capacity as your needs change.  The scaling process can even be set to happen automatically to react to usage spikes or drops.  With on-premise servers, this is not possible at all.  If you have usage spikes, it’s already too late to buy new servers to meet capacity.  If your usage drops, you are stuck with expensive servers that you are no longer using and are becoming obsolete by the minute.  And, not being able to meet capacity demands driven by your customer base can be catastrophic for your company.

Security – Amazon Web Servers is, by default, a highly secure cloud platform that conforms to the most popular and significant security compliances in the healthcare, financial and technology industries, such is HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FIPS and many more.  When you have on-premise servers, you must purchase, configure and maintain expensive and complex networking devices and building security systems to protect your servers from network breaches and theft.  Every day, your highly sensitive data is at risk and even more so at night when you are not at the office.

Built-in Disaster Recovery – Disaster recovery is arguably the most important factor to consider when running systems either on-premise or in the cloud.  Amazon Web Services has many features and services that are easily employed to backup and secure your systems to be prepared for any type of disaster.  You can easily configure a disaster recovery plan that will react immediately to any disaster event to keep your systems up and running with no impact to your employees and/or customers.  With on-premise servers, this is virtually impossible.  You would need to purchase duplicate sets of servers, house them in two different locations, constantly keep them synced and updated.  And after spending all of that time and money to setup and maintain this disaster recovery solution, you are STILL vulnerable to disaster scenarios that you could easily avoid in the cloud.

A Multitude of Services – Amazon Web Servers is, by far, the leader in cloud computing.  Not just in sheer size but also in the far great number of services they offer than any other competitor.  By moving your systems into the AWS cloud, you will have the ability to employ smart and efficient service based solutions to run your systems and keep them flexible, reactive to change and up-to-date with the most current technology.  With on-premise servers, you are limited to software packages you must install and maintain, or expensive development projects to create unique software for your company that must be maintained and supported by developers that must have knowledge of your programs.

Future Proof – As technology changes very rapidly, it is very difficult to keep up in an on-premise scenario.  The time and money spent just to keep up with current technology can be overwhelming.  In the AWS cloud, it is very easy to move from old to new technology, often times gaining significant cost savings in the process.

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Approach Technology is a Cisco Meraki Channel Partner, authorized to sell the entire line of Cisco Meraki networking and security devices.  With Meraki hardware in your office, you can be assured that your local systems are protected.  You will also see that your connectivity to the internet is much faster, thanks to Meraki's patented traffic shaping ability to prioritize the internet traffic that is most important while giving less bandwidth to traffic that doesn't matter as much.

When you purchase Cisco Meraki devices from Approach Technology, we don't just give you the hardware.  You will also get our best-in-class ongoing support.

  • Any device you purchase from us will be sent to you custom configured to your office and network.  All you need to do is plug it in.
  • We can provide ongoing monitoring and support to detect any issues on your network and fix them before there is any significant user impact.
  • We also provide ongoing maintenance of your Meraki devices to make sure that they are always up-to-date and running at peak efficiency.
  • We assess your current network environment and help you select the exact Meraki hardware for your office.
  • Do you have multiple office locations?  We can interconnect all of your offices using Meraki hardware security devices for fast and secure access between all of your locations.

All Cisco Meraki devices are centrally and securely managed from the cloud using a single web-based dashboard. The feature-rich, intuitive architecture enables us to react immediately to any possible network or security issue, so your company can work, worry-free, knowing your internet connections are secure and reliable.

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